About Restored World

“For most of human history, impermanence has been an integral part of life. The last seventy or so years have given us an illusory sense of permanence and predictability. We are now having to learn to live as our ancestors did, except that we have more scientific knowledge, technology and education. We can harness that so as to live in harmony with the world around us.” – Jan Arriens, founder of Lifelines (The Friend, 7 May 2020)

I have created this website to share my thoughts and reflections on how we might respond in new ways to the needs of our damaged, ailing world. What has led me to speak out here is my belief that our current way of thinking and doing things is not only inappropriate but continues to harm us.

It is clear from our collective struggles to even begin to address the climate emergency, the mass species extinction, increasing inequality, or other challenges such as the present spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, that we appear trapped. We are trapped within an outdated mode of thinking that determines our functioning, a mode no longer appropriate to the immense challenges we face in the present global crisis.

We collectively all need renewal, myself included, if the world in which we live is to be restored. My hope is that this website, which is a personal account of my search for that renewal, can be a small contribution to our collective effort in imagining how we will restore our world.

Editor of Restored World