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  • And verily it came to pass that the Son of Man known to one and all as Ivan the Notsoterribleafterall didst see the light which fell yonder upon England’s green and pleasant land, which he did forsake for the light which he saw fall later upon a Fair Maiden of Switzerland, and even as he did see both them lights he did say unto his soul, did he not, “O soul, thee shall I pour out for the delight of me pals even unto a blog, and verily thus shalt thou and me restore the earth, not to mention get replies approving the new Restoration from pals who possess not the shekels to seek shelter amongst us in Switzerland but who shall do so before the Day of Judgment is upon us, or at least we shall lie so in behopes of this passing, and when that happens I say unto thee, I swear I do, that then shall there be Merriment and Feasting even unto excess and five loaves and fishes shall expand into many more Grilled Pomfrets and Jhingri Maachh even unto a number beyond all counting, and verily the wine they shalt drink shall be out of such a number of vats that seeing thus the Lord whose name is forever henceforth Ludwig shall immediately cast the lot of us into the fires where burn Sodom and Gomorrah.” Oh alright alright, we’ll keep it down to a couple of bottles of Merlot then.

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